Professional Exterior Painter

Professional Exterior PainterThe main factor that determines the success of an exterior paint job isn’t usually in the paint itself. It is hiring a professional exterior painter to properly prepare the exterior surfaces. How the house is prepped for painting can make all the difference in how the finished product looks and how long it will last. Failing to take the time to properly prepare for exterior painting could leave you with cracked, peeling, among other types of failing  paint and the need to repaint in less that 2 years.  Here are just a few of the problems that can occur when the esterior surface is not properly prepared:

Chipping and Peeling – A Professional Exterior Painter knows that a clean surface is crucial for a good paint finish. When your home exterior is already peeling and cracking, or if it is covered in dirt, the paint won’t adhere properly to the surface. The result is paint that begins to chip and peel almost immediately. Chips and peels in your paint look bad and can leave your home more vulnerable to the elements. Terior surface should always be pressured washed in order to remove all dirt and mildew.

Dirty Appearance –  A Professional Exterior Painter also knows that when a job is well done it should leave your home looking like new. If dirt and oils cover your home’s surface at the time of painting, your paint job could make your home look dirty and rundown instead. This is especially true if you pick a light color. The underlying dirt will mix with the paint, making it look grimy and in need of a good clean.

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