Commercial Painting Process


The first step for a commercial painting project is the estimate phase. At this time, Amazing Painting Company will conduct a detailed visual inspection of the project area, and discuss the scope of the project with you, we will listen to your needs, requirements, and ultimately your vision for the project.

Amazing Painting Company will provide you with a full written estimate that is broken into detailed cost projections.

Prep work

The painting process is important, but this preceding stage is even more essential to the success of a commercial painting project. During the preparation phase, Amazing Painting Company crews will prepare equipment for safety, as well as the surfaces themselves. Proper surface prep is the key to paint adhesion, durability, and longevity.

There are many different types of surface prep used for commercial painting. These methods vary depending on the building material or substrate to be painted, and the type of paint that will be used on the project.


Even the actual painting phase of a commercial project involves more than simply applying paint on a wall. A good commercial painting contractor must be familiar with the manufacturer guidelines for the various types of paint, as some require more delicate handling and timing than others.

In addition, Amazing Painting Company will coordinate the delivery of materials, equipment, and crew to the job site to ensure that everything is on hand when needed, and that the project is completed on schedule and on budget.

Completion and Final Inspection

The painting process itself is the last work phase of any project. Amazing Painting Company will walk you through the site and address any questions or concerns you may have once the project is completed.

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