How to hire the best painter

The first step when how to hire the best painter is the most important step. Just like a Marathon always begins with a single step a runner who missteps during their first steps can lose the entire race. Hiring the best painter for your project is no different. Regardless if the painting job is interior or exterior, new construction or re-paint, the first and most important step is finding the right painter for the job. Much like beginning a Marathon in the wrong direction, choosing the wrong painter can cause a multitude of problems later on in the project.

Gone are the days of flipping through hundreds of yellow pages to find a number that may or may not be active. In this day and age we enjoy the luxury of online search engines, which make finding businesses in your area almost effortless. Simply typing in “Interior Painting Contractor” or “Exterior Painting Contractors Amesbury” will give you a large number of results in only a matter of seconds. However, having such a vast database of names and numbers to sort through is both a blessing and a curse. Of all the choices, what can you do to make sure that you are choosing the right one? There are a number of things to look for. What follows is a bit of a checklist for choosing a house painter.

The first thing you will notice about the company is their responsiveness. Did they call you back in a matter of minutes or a week later? The first phone call can tell you a lot about how the contractor will be throughout the rest of the process. Communication is one of the most important parts of a big project. Making sure the contractor responds to your calls or emails quickly and has your specifications organized is a huge factor in narrowing your decision down. Large exterior painting contractors or other big operations may be fielding calls from a large number of clients, but it is still important that they get back to you in a reasonable timeframe. An organized painting company not only communicates well with their customers but communicates in a timely manner. Everyone is busy nowadays but returning phone calls and emails quickly is a sign of a company that is running efficiently.

Another great tool in this day and age to utilize is online reviews.  Researching the company’s history, reputation and online reviews is time well spent. Is the painting contractor a family owned business that has been running under the same management for 15 years, with few complaints? If so, it is more than likely going to continue to run smoothly. This is a sign that the company is reliable, consistent and under competent management and hires experienced painters. Do you find multiple bad reviews and changes in management when doing your online search? If so, expect this inconsistency to show in their work throughout the entire project. Be comfortable asking the company about any bad reviews or any other discrepancies you’ve come across. Also, take note of the company’s experience. Have they been performing residential painting for many years, or are they just starting? A little experience goes a long way, and a lot of experience goes even further. Take a look at some of their former projects, and see if they are still in good condition.  Look to see if their work passes the all-important test of time. If not, expect to be going through the process again in the near future to have the job redone by an experienced painting contractor like Amazing Painting Company.

How to hire the best painter

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