Exterior Painting Tips

Looking for helpful Exterior Painting Tips? Amazing Painting Company’s professional painters are happy to share Exterior Painting Tips with you. Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions regarding the Exterior Painting Tips below.

Inspect the Exterior for Water Damage

Exterior Painting TipsThe first step is to inspect the exterior of the house for any water damages. New England is famous for its hundred-year-old houses that a lot times may have faded facades and significant water damage at the base of the eaves. When the exterior painting job is done right, not only can the look of a home be improved, but the home will also be protected from further weather damage and it will prolong the life of the exterior.


Power Washing the Exterior of the House

Proper cleaning of the exterior of the house is crucial in order for the paint to have a good clean base to adhere to. Just as with interior painting projects, the first step in preparing an exterior for new paint is to make sure the surface is clean. A power washer is the perfect tool for cleaning the exterior of a house before painting. Use a power washer to clean dirt and some of the loose paint. But it is important to remember when power washing, to keep the wand in constant motion because at 2700 PSI, water can damage the exterior of the house.

Scrape the Exterior of the House

Scraping the exterior of the house is an extremely important step that can take anywhere from a few hours to many days depending of the condition of the exterior of the house. This is the messiest and most tedious part of the prep. All the old paint does not need to be scraped off, however all the loose paint chips must be removed in order to minimize the risk of bubbles or chips in the new paint job.

Prime Over Bare Wood

It is important to know that Paint won’t stick to the bare wood, so once the scraping is done use a roller or a brush to apply primer over all the bare spots of the house. Apply painter’s caulk to any cracks and holes in order to keep water from entering the house. Smooth out the bead of painter’s caulk with your finger or a wet cloth.

Painting and Backrolling the Exterior of the House

Now with the prep work completed, the house is ready to receive the finish coat. For exterior work, Amazing Painting Company’s professional painters use paint guns to spray the paint on quickly and evenly. Like the power washer, a paint gun sprays at more than 2,000 PSI, so it is extremely dangerous if any body part comes between the spray nozzle and the house. The pressure is high enough to put paint through the skin and down to the bone, so be very cautious when painting with a paint sprayer

Once you sprayed the exterior of the house covered in the first layer of paint, go back over the entire surface with a small roller, performing a technique called backrolling. Roll upward over the surface of each shingle in order to push paint into the minute nooks and crannies, creating a seal. Without this step, air bubbles trapped under the new layers of paint could cause chipping in mere months.

Using these Exterior Painting Tips will help you assure that the exterior painting will last for many years, but if you would like to hire us to Paint the Exterior of your home for you:

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