Uninsured Painting Contractor

uninsured painting contractorWhen the housing market collapsed a few years back, a lot of contractors were out of work. This included painters. As a result, there are a lot of unlicensed and uninsured painting contractor “painters” out there who will gladly paint your house for very cheap. While you may be getting a cheap painter, you are asking for problems when it comes to the quality of your home.

professional painter who is licensed tells you that they operate within the law, and they care about quality. If you hire an unlicensed and uninsured painting contractor, you’re taking a chance on the quality of your home. There is little a home owner can do if an unlicensed painter does a poor job; the state has no way of holding them accountable if they did not get the proper license. They may be here today and gone without a contact number later. It could also mean that they don’t know about what paints are best for exterior painting in Massachusetts. Since Amazing Painting Company is licensed we know how to select the right paint so that you don’t experience fading, peeling or any other problems down the road.

Your Massachusetts painter should also be insured. The insurance policy is for your benefit more than anything else. As they are working on your home, if a window breaks due to their negligence or mishap, their insurance policy would be responsible for covering the damages. If you hire an uninsured painting contractor that does not have a liability insurance policy, you could end up paying for the damages on your own plus any medical bills if a worker gets hurt while on your property. Amazing Painting is a fully insured and licensed home improvement contractor.

When you hire a painter in Massachusetts, it can be easy to focus on the wrong things. Looking at price is not enough. You want your paint job to last for years to come and to avoid paying thousands and thousands of dollars for any accident that occurs on your property. A quality licensed and insured painter will give you peace of mind that the job will be done right and at no additional cost to you even if it is not done at the cheapest estimate you are given.

Left to their own, some painters may choose the cheapest exterior paint possible in order to make a better profit. They won’t be insured because that’s another cost that comes out of their profits. If they aren’t buying quality paint and don’t have an insurance policy, they certainly won’t be offering you a warranty, either.  You need to look out for yourself when you hire a painter. Some of them are professional and others are not. You need to avoid the ones that aren’t licensed and insured because it will only spell trouble for you later on. There are plenty of other ways to save money on your home – choosing an inexperienced, unprofessional and uninsured painting contractor isn’t one of them.  Amazing Painting Company gives you a fair competitive price and still allows you peace of mind that the job will be done right.

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