How long should exterior house painting last?

How long should exterior house painting last?

One of the most frequently ask questions by our customers is. How often should I have the exterior of my home painted?

Here in Massachusetts, humidity plays a huge factor in answering this question. The extreme heat and moisture makes for a pretty harsh environment. Under these conditions durable exterior paints must be applied. Using premium exterior paints is a starter for proper resistance. Durable preparation products such as calking, primers and putty are just as important as purchasing good paint. In fact as a painting contractor here in Massachusetts, we believe that preparation is most important!

The fact of the matter is, you can’t expect professional results without the correct preparations. The raw materials used in premium exterior house paints will most likely last longer than caulked joints. The improvements for caulks and other sealer are well needed. But until then, it is absolutely imperative to purchase a caulk that expands and contracts at an optimal rate. Allowing expansion joints to contract in the winter and expand in the summer with out cracking, is reason to spend the extra couple dollars on caulking. Considering the extreme heat and moisture, it would be safe to say that no paint job last longer than four to seven years. Applying two coats of paint will highly increase the life of the paint job. However, purchasing top grade paint will supply the same results and save money. Even if the paint seems expensive, when comparing labor to materials, the materials will always be less. So, why pay for the extra labor with a marginal product?

Properly maintaining your home is extremely important. If you want to properly maintain the exterior of your home, don’t wait until you see paint flaking ¬†before you consider hiring a painting contractor. If paint is visibly pealing or has started to oxidize (chalking,) you are already past due for an exterior painting service.

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